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Phone: 205-553-3325
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Finance Department Local:(205) 553-3325 Toll Free:(877) 951-7500

Local: 205-553-3325
Toll Free: 877-951-7500

One of the most important steps in the car buying process is the loan itself. Your credit rating and the monthly payment you can afford has a direct impact on what car and options you can purchase. What you’re buying also has an effect on the terms of the loan. The price of the car, your trade-in value, down payment and whether it’s new or used will also have an impact on the interest rate and the length of the loan. At Tuscaloosa Toyota, we strive to make the finance process as quick and easy as possible. We work with over 50 local, regional and national financing sources. We work for you to find the lowest finance rates available. Most often, we can arrange financing for your vehicle with little or no money down. We can negotiate extended terms or leasing solutions to better help fit your individual financial situation. Tuscaloosa Toyota’s Finance Department is available at any time to assist you. 

Here is a partial list of our financing sources:
World Omni Wells Fargo Bank of America
SunTrust Bank Independent Bank BBVA-Compass Bank
Fifth Third Bank Capital One Citifinancial
Alabama Credit Union Alabama Telco CU Alabama Central CU
Alabama First Federal CU First Educators CU APCO Employees CU
BB&T TD Auto Finance Alabama One CU
Alabama Central CU Alabama 1st Capital CU All Teachers CU
City CU DCH Credit Union Tuscaloosa VA Fed. CU
Tuscaloosa Teachers CU Tuscaloosa CU Phifer Wire CU
Tuscaloosa County CU The Citizens Bank West Alabama Bank & Trust
USAA America's First CU Demopolis Federal CU
Nucor Employees CU Twin States CU U.S. Pipe Federal CU
Phone: 877-965-7500 (toll free)
Fax: 205-553-6652

Monday - Friday    9:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Saturday    9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Sunday    Closed

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Rob Hindman

Finance Manager
Phone  (205) 561-2011
Fax  (205) 553-6652

Chad Owens

Finance Manager
Phone  (205) 561-2007
Fax  (205) 553-6652

Teresa Langford

Finance Manager
Phone  (205) 561-2075
Fax  (205) 553-6652

Tom Wiginton

Finance Manager

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